Stop suffering from TMJ.  Experience the relief of flawless jaw joint function, facial balance and symmetry offered by TMJ Specialist Orlando and our “therapeutic techniques”.
A smile is a gift, and we are committed to helping you to restore your beautiful smile.  We utilize the latest technology to relieve the debilitating pain of TMJ. You may expect excellent and personal dental and therapeutic care to aid in your recovery.
Your TMJ specialist will work closely with you to design the most appropriate and complete treatment to restore your excellent jaw joint function and health. 
Technology and various tools are necessary at times, but the most important part of diagnosing your problem is the face-to-face interview. We take the time to understand your problems so that a diagnosis can be made, and an understanding of your problem can be explained, along with planning an effective treatment plan for you.
We strive to keep referral sources and primary care providers informed throughout the entirety of your treatment, making them aware of your diagnosis and progress if you so desire.
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Chris Kobasky, Blog Founder